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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Make Ecuador S.A. Makecuadsa (makecuador)

Makecuador has closed down all operations, we alert to our clients and service providers avoid any business under the name of the aforementioned company.

The official resolution provided by the governmental Institution "Superintendencia de Compañias y Valores":

Resolution number: SCV-INC-DNASD-SD-14 0029730

 Further information on the Government website: 
Name: Make Ecuador S.A. Makecuadsa
Case number: 144968

Makecuador has closed down operations (ALERT)

Dear clients and providers Makecuador has closed down operations. Please DO NOT attempt any business under this company name.

Further information on the Government website: 

Name: Make Ecuador S.A. Makecuadsa
Expediente: 144968

Estimados clientes y proveedores, Makecuador ha cerrado todas sus operaciones, por favor evite cualquier tipo de negociación. 

Mas información en la pagina de la superintendencia de compañias: 

Nombre: Make Ecuador S.A. Makecuadsa
Expediente: 144968